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Our Mission

'Payal Jain' has become synonymous with classic and timeless silhouettes, where each ensemble is a truly enriched synthesis of heritage fabrics and craftsmanship in a modern interpretation. Forms that bond with indigenous fabrics creating myriad silhouettes bear the Payal Jain signature, with a loyal following around the world. The design cell has been actively involved in the revival of handicrafts, some of which were on the verge of becoming extinct. With a deep-rooted passion and commitment, the team works tirelessly in villages across rural India to integrate traditional techniques and modern aesthetics, providing a sustained means of livelihood to several weaving and craft clusters of talented artisans. The love for Sustainability reflects in every creation of the atelier, through research and development of natural yarns, vegetable dyes, handloom textiles, hand-block prints & indigenous embroideries.

The ‘Payal Jain’ label develops collections each season, with the use of natural yarns, handloom fabrics, hand block prints, organic textiles, natural dyes, traditional embroideries and crafts of India, following ethical, legal and sustainability compliances, following best practices to reduce wastage of water, conserve power, recycle all waste materials, repurpose old garments and products, ban the use of plastic, and offer a safe, healthy and hygienic work environment and sustainable practices for the entire team. Working with sustainable techniques and processes, and creating livelihoods for women-oriented traditional embroidery traditions like ‘Chikankari’, ‘Kantha’, ’Sheesho Bharat’, ‘ ‘Bandhini’, etc. have been the conscious and ethical Mission of the Atelier. Each fashion collection is a myriad synthesis of the old and the new, celebrating tradition and heritage in a contemporary context, marrying the best of the East and West in complete harmony.

In Payal's words, "My creations speak a global language yet possess a strong Indian soul. I have always married the East and West in my designs. I believe my designs have a Western body and an Indian soul.“ This philosophy remains evident in all my work and has grown with time, my creations remain subtle, minimalistic and strongly Indian at heart, yet appeal to global citizens and speak an international and contemporary language. This ethos spills into all my designs, be it interiors, spaces, products and home furnishings. I follow a simple approach when it comes to design. I have always believed that "Less is more!” My fashion label is an extension of my personality, as is the case for any artist and his or her expression through any creative medium. I work with Indian textiles and crafts and have always been passionate about creating fabrics from scratch. My deepest joy lies in being able to see what I have envisioned come alive on a weavers loom or embroider’s ‘Adda’. It takes a lot of time; patience, love and passion to wait and watch each collection slowly take shape. The process can take anywhere from one month to twenty-four months and every step of the way is magical and full of gratification. The final result may never be visible to an on-looker, but the pleasure of creating it from a simple thought is absolutely unparalleled. Ever since I started my career, it has been my most important goal to uphold our heritage. My entire team works with experts and clusters across the country to promote this tradition- I feel blessed to be Indian and have an immense heritage at our disposal.”

The Atelier has been working with the hospitality and corporate sector for the last two decades, the first corporate design project was in 1995. Since then, we have designed the uniform philosophy for over 100 hotels and corporate houses. While maintaining a great understanding of international trends and Couture, we combine functionality with fashion and style, to create uniform concepts for prestigious hotels, hospitals and schools across the globe.