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About the Designer

Payal's journey in the fascinating world of ‘Haute Couture’ has a humble beginning from the by lanes of Delhi, where she grew up in a childhood steeped profusely in art, culture and music. The years of intensive hard work cumulated when she graduated summa-cum-laude from Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, California and returned home to start a career in fashion. She ventured back to India at a time when the fashion industry was in its infancy and there was no organized retail. The struggles of the initial years are still amongst her fondest memories. She has come a long way since then to be recognized as one of the leading designer in the country.

In the past two decades, brand Payal Jain has become synonymous with classic and timeless contemporary clothing where each garment designed is a truly enriched synthesis of heritage fabrics and craftsmanship in a modern interpretation. A strong foundation in neo-classical aesthetics coupled with an unparalleled standard of perfection is the essence of each design. Forms and fabrics that bond in ingenious ways, fabrics that are esoteric yet blending into myriad and unusual silhouettes, bear the Atelier Payal Jain signature. Her ensembles have found a market all over the world as she sells from some of the best stores across India, U.S.A., Europe, Middle East and Asia.

Atelier Payal Jain has in the past few years been actively involved in a renaissance for the revival of handicrafts some of which were on the verge of becoming extinct. With a deep rooted passion and commitment, Payal has worked tirelessly in tiny villages across Rajasthan, Orissa, Uttar Pradesh, Gujrat and Bihar to integrate their designs in the mainstream. She has come a long way in providing an international platform for dying crafts by reinventing them in newer and exciting forms and by doing so provided means of livelihood to many in villages.

While maintaining a great understanding of international trends and Haute Couture, Payal also has a great client base in the Corporate Design space where she combines functionality with style to create uniforms for prestigious hotels, hospitals and schools across the globe. Contemporary fashion design in a corporate environment is all about creating synergies and having an innate understanding of practicality in design. Her vast international clientele are a testimony to the quality of work being done by her team, to name a few such as Four Seasons, Six Senses, Oberoi Group, Taj Hotels and Resorts, Hyatt hotels, Starwood Hotels, Aman Resorts, Leela Hotels and more.

Payal launched her first book on fashion studies a few years ago. This is a pioneering effort in the academic field and will give an insight into the fashion world and serve as a knowledge bank for the students. This educational reference book specifically designed for XI standard students for the CBSE curriculum is a synthesis of her experiences and endeavors in this field. Her journey continues, as she is always ready to explore new avenues while creating a label, which makes classic and timeless heirlooms, to be passed down generations.